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Stacey’s success in real estate began in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show. The idea was to freeze otter pops to sell to Deadheads. A complete failure led to going to the show and a life on the road. The late eighties and early nineties were an adventure.

In 1995, flat broke and without a car, Stacey created a car detailing business in Santa Monica on roller blades putting homemade flyers on expensive car windshields. A friend loaned Stacey a beat up motorcycle with a towel for a seat.  Showing up with his equipment piled high to the sky, Stacey was able to purchase his first car a year later and jump into real estate in 1998.

A detail client loaned Stacey $25,000 to begin his career at Coldwell Banker in Brentwood and later Keller Williams.  Within six years, Stacey rose to being Keller William’s #1 agent in Southern California.  In 2005 Stacey created his own real estate company, Sunset Park Realtors, later changing the name to Valnes Bell Realtors.  In 2014, Stacey designed his dream space called The Hub at 1712 Ocean Park Blvd in Santa Monica.  Creative, passionate, and fun, Stacey loves selling real estate and helping people achieve their goals.

His biggest accomplishment however was marrying Megan de la Puente in 2003 and creating a hockey team of their own by having five kids.  Happy with how his life turned out Stacey tries to give back as much as possible by mentoring young people and being active with Challenged Athletes.